There are four core standards to the Marketing Agreement:

    • Water Quality (CALGMA, in part)
    • Inputs and Composting (Compost NOP)
    • Traceback (CRF Title 21)
    • GHP (Good Handling Practices)

Core Standards I - Water

Core Standards II - Composting and Soil Amendments

Core Standard III - Traceability

Core Standard V - Good Agriculture & Handling Practices

For the full text of the standard go to

Other Standards:

    • OPMA will certify your farming operation in accordance with the California or Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement standards for compliance.
    • OPMA will certify your farming operation in accordance with any FDA rule for compliance.
    • In the out-year of this agreement OPMA will seek ISO 17065 registration and GFSI (Global Food Safety Inititative) will be sought and SQF, BRC, GlobalGAP and other audits will be available.


OPMA certification is based on a robust standards and inspections program and the continuous improvement of these key items. Inspections are scored as "Pass" or "Fail" based on the presented standards. 

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act may change standards or information posted on OPMA websites. It is strongly recommended to check these sites often for updates to certification requirements, standards, or procedures.

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