Discipline | Denial

The following are conditions that may lead to suspension, denial or loss of certification or membership.


    1. Non-payment of dues, fees or other requirements set forth in these documents in a timely manner.
    2. Not updating information in a timely manner with regard to your inspection, certification or membership.
    3. Conveying a falsehood to an official of OPMA.
    4. A major non-compliance with a recognized authority with no remedial action in a timely manner.
    5. A violation of a state or federal regulation.
    6. Knowledge of, the sale of or providing in any fashion contaminated product to the public which has the potential for endangering public health.

About Ratings
An Unsatisfactory rating will be assigned to the entire inspection or audit when an item or items during an inspection or audit represents a violation of the following:

    1. If an imminent produce safety hazard exists,
    2. If produce safety programs are nonexistent or deficient such that they do not comply with the standards herein or those of competent authority,
    3. If produce is adulterated such that it bears or contains an added poisonous or deleterious substance, it consists in whole or in part of any filth, putrid, or decomposed substances not allowed by the state or federal regulators, competent authority or it is otherwise unfit for use as food, it has been harvested, packed, or held under unsanitary conditions, whereby, it may have been contaminated with filth, or whereby, it may have been rendered injurious to health.
    4. If a violation of the standards as set forth by this agreement or competent authority is noted that is an imminent produce safety risk,
    5. If a violation of state or federal agrochemical regulations is noted, that would represent a significant departure from the regulations or would cause an imminent produce safety risk,
    6. Any act or situation deemed an immediate risk to produce safety.

Examples of conditions most commonly found which will lead to an Unsatisfactory rating:

    1. Rodent bait stations with rodenticide used for routine monitoring inside of buildings used for storage of packing materials, produce, seeds, etc.
    2. Evidence of birds inside of storage or packing facilities.
    3. Evidence of rodent excreta or gnawing on produce or packaging to contain or contains produce.
    4. Agrochemicals (pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer) or other hazardous chemicals stored in crop/storage areas with evidence of spillage that may cause contamination to produce, packaging and or crops.
    5. Mislabeling of produce containers.
    6. Mislabeled containers or reuse of agrochemical containers for other purposes.
    7. Use of biosolids in any fashion.
    8. Contaminated raw commodities from human or animal blood and not removed from saleable produce and destroyed.
    9. Produce shipped in outbound transport vehicles with conditions that pose a contamination risk to produce.
    10. Non-potable water and or ice utilized at or after packing.
    11. Use of cleaning utensils from rest rooms, field sanitation units on crop contact surfaces.
    12. Field sanitation units or rest rooms and proper supplies not readily available to anyone near a crop or saleable produce.
    13. Violation of any state or federal requirement.
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