About OPMA

The OPMA is governed by a volunteer Advisory Board that is predominantly farmers, Ohio-based associations, regulatory bodies, public representatives, academicians, and others that have an interest in the promotion and protection of smaller farmer and consumers.

Meet your Advisory Board founding members:

    • Bob Jones, Chair (Provisional)
    • Christie Welch
    • Chuck Kirchner (for the Director of Agriculture)
    • Dick Wander
    • Pheryl D. Zimmerman
    • Lisa Schacht
    • David Schacht
    • Cathy Krist
    • Mark Kirst
    • Bruce Buurma
    • Mike Anderson
    • Bob Sage
    • Harvey Burkholder
    • Charlie Ernstes
    • Dave McMaster
    • Carrie McMaster

Whereas a sufficient number of producers have signed the Agreement and finding the Agreement complies Chapter 924 of the Ohio Revised Code and all other applicable state and federal laws, the voluntary Agreement was approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture on May 15, 2014. 

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